Like many of my peers whose experiences I identify with, I find it difficult nay impossible to understand what is it about a list of achievements that communicates expertise. I’ve worked for long enough now and have gathered enough data to confidently conclude the following: that chance is nearly as frequently the decisive operative factor in a decision making process concerned with resource distribution in a supremacist, racist, and ableist governing framework as is political agenda and personal prejudice, be them negative or positive prejudice.

Without developing this argument any further, because here is not the place and now is not the time, I will ask you to approach the following list not as a complete list of achievements and/or accomplishments (static, finite) but a record of relationships I’ve invested myself in and activities I’ve committed to over the years (dynamic, ongoing).

I ask this of you because I do not yet know how to highlight within linear standards–and succinctly–those values I am intuitively drawn towards as a non-binary queer with ADHD who is only beginning to learn how to function proactively within given systems. I ask this of you because communication is not a one way street. I am conscious of the fact that if ever I am to learn how to communicate with others–with strangers, especially–what is it that I care for and why, I will not have come to that capacity on my own.


2018 – current



currently studying Body-Mind Centering® with EmbodyMove, UK.


MFA New Performative Practices

Stockholm Univeristy of the Arts


Training and Research

Performing Arts Research and Training Studios


Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance

awards and nominations

2019 – The IDOCDE project REFLEX Europe is one of the recipients of the 2019 Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Award.

2018 – pavleheidler recipient of the 2018/2019 International Choreographer’s Stipend

2017 – The Rules for Everything wins the Norwegian Amanda prize for Best Cinematography and Best Female Support

2016 – pavleheidler nominated for the Croatian Association of Drama Artists for Best Artistic Achievement in Performing Dance in the performance of The Cosmic Dust Practice

2016Glečer wins the Croatian Dancer’s Association Award for the Best Ensemble in Performance.

2013the Behind the Sun Series nominated for the Croatian Dancer’s Association Award for innovative and authentic take on choreography, structure, and improvisation

2008 – winner - Contemporary dance competition “Mia Čorak Slavenska”


Together Alone


Dance Concerts