(they/them) (adhd)

I am a movement-and-word artist and activist, an educator, and an amateur scholar (i.e. lover of scholarship). My work-ing is meant to be encouraging of the continual re-form-ing in and of the emergent field of queer critical practice.

I think that the practices I am developing are first and foremost embodied practices which necessarily makes them liberatory practices which necessarily makes them emergent practices in as much as working with the body, creating space for the body–or: body–requires critical observation and the re-thinking of the existing structures that currently create spaces for bodies.



This website is under construction. The construction, continual and emergent, is not hidden from view. What you see here is how far I’ve gotten. What you may be able to see here is how many times I’ve changed my mind. I find working on the question of my name now being a domain quite interesting. That some will ever only know this version of me is entertaining. That maintaining a relationship with this iteration of pavleheidler may be useful is compelling.

How may this prove to be useful? This is so exciting.




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