some works

Here is a collection of works I (currently) think of as representative. The collection itself ought to suggest as to what these works are (currently) representative of. Where the two forces intra-act is where either of us might be given the opportunity to recognise value. What might become valuable to either of us, then, is impossible to anticipate. Best I can hope for is to create the conditions for the possibility of its emergence, its recognition.

I will leave this as a note here, then perhaps come back to it on a later date:

I think it’s true that I’ve never made anything (of value) without having first received an encouraging, supportive gift. A gift, that is, of a resource. And since I’ve never yet secured a project grant of my own, everything that I’ve ever made I’ve made because existing resources have been shared with me, always as a result of direct action. Meaning, there was always a person involved; a curious, sometimes confused, sometimes reluctant person, but a person who decided it was in their interest to share their resources with me. Every of the works listed above wouldn’t have existed were I not to have been given an invitation, a room, some money, or attention. Every of the works listed above wouldn’t have existed were I not to have been shown kindness and awarded trust. This is true of collaborators as well as producers, artistic directors, editors, etc. These works, then, exist within the realm of a gift economy. The more I think about it, the more I think I never want to make work in any other way.