Can I balance on a metaphor? with Alys Longley
Can I balance on a metaphor? with Alys Longley

Can I balance on a metaphor? with Alys Longley

ITAC6 Digital Programme, ONLINE
August 31, 2022

Can I balance on a metaphor? 

(The [simple] freedom to move things around); Notes on Collaborating Across Borders


In this lecture demonstration, creative collaborators pavleheidler and Alys Longley will share artistic-research practices for online interdisciplinary collaboration and discuss how these relate to the work of artist-teachers in precarious times. Alys and pavle will discuss some of the political implications of such artistic practices in how they could create space for difference, neurodiversity and non-binary practices and  methods. They enjoy working with terms/provocations that form their meaning out of resistance, carrying the tension of the not-this, into the evocation of possibility. This practice involves the blurring of poetics, conversation, and drawing, to work into feeling, ambiguity, viscerality, relationality, spatiality, and texture.  This experimental lecture-demonstration embraces the following principles:

  1. Non-anticipatory aesthetics
  2. Anti-proprietorial language
  3. Non-binary poetics
  4. To speak the experience of moving is no less moving than moving
  5. Moving is no less dancing than dancing
  6. Un-comfort / dis-knowing
  7. Tangential-somatic drawing practices
  8. To undo the sleeves of the discipline with the quick unpick of touch (tone as touch, response as touch, timing as touch, empathy as touch, voice as touch)
  9. Can I balance on a metaphor?
  10. The (simple) freedom to move things around
  11. The effort is the bracket/ to continue is the bracket/ to tell the story is the bracket / the body is the bracket/ the distance is the bracket
  12. Different kinds of scaling/ Different kinds of reorientation
  13. Pages of absence moving you/ and then you’ll be the lymphatic system
  14. My conclusion goes toward the clavicles
  15. The point where moving becomes drawing becomes moving becomes