to walk to think to dance

to walk to think to dance

Vienna, Austria
July 20, 2022 → July 22, 2022

to walk to think to dance

an IDOCDE residency

In the desire to explore the notion of emergence practically, I think of walking. Historically speaking, walking has been associated with contemplation, with thinking and doing thinking. Walking has, too, been associated with art and philosophy and science making. And thinking. And doing. And doing. And thinking. And making.

Anne Theresa de Keersmaeker famously called her walking her dancing. I frequently mistook her suggestion to walk to dance with to walk to think to dance, thereby transforming my thinking into the equivalent of my moving and experiencing my moving as my thinking. Today I cannot tell one apart from the other, and let me tell you: I don’t think Descartes would appreciate that.

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